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Like it Or Not, Art is More than Just Visual-It's a Business

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help for artists

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So, your goal is to be successful as a game or visual artist, correct? You have a cohesive meaningful grip on what type of art you’re doing, why you’re doing your type of art, and where you’re going with your art. And the more cohesive and coherent that grip is, the better. However, one of the biggest things artists tend to overlook is the need for some type of business coaching or business advice to run their business efficiently.

Another typical problem we see with artists is that they make art at random. Meaning that they wander the innovative wilderness. At first they create a few of these, then they make a few of that, then they make some like this, then they make some like that. They keep doing this until they’re sitting on top of a huge stack of miscellany. If you ask them exactly what they’re doing, they inform you that they are creating art.

If that’s what they want to do, that’s ok. But, now it’s time for some art and artist career consulting and business coaching questions. You state you’re making art, but exactly what does that suggest? How do you understand when to begin? How do you understand where you’re going? How do you choose exactly what goes where in the composition? How do you know exactly what it’s going to appear like? When do you understand what it’s going to resemble? How do you when understand when it’s done? What contacts do you have for reliable exhibition services to display your art? How do you understand what to make next? Artists should be asked questions like these all the time, and no doubt you will get more blank stares than responses. It’s as if their hands briefly leave their bodies and go off on their own to make art.
“No one really cares about this stuff,” you say. “All they want and appreciate is my art!”

Unfortunately, that’s a load of rubbish! Did you know that most people do care? And do you know who should care the most? You. Why? Since the better you understand your innovative style, the more instructions you can apply to your art, meaning that you end up being increasingly purposeful and decreasingly random. It doesn’t matter if you are aware of it or can quantify it, each time you make a work of art, you follow an intentional strategy from conception to creation to completion. Art doesn’t just happen; it never ever has and it never will either. So offered the choice, you may as well understand exactly what you’re doing while you’re doing it instead of simply doing it.

There are many types of coaching for budding young artists. There are specialty coaches such as The Artists Career Training Center or you can try a more generic approach to business coaching with a multi-industry business coach. Or, if you want to take more of an entrepreneurial approach to your art as a business, why not source one of reputable online business diploma courses?

Don’t let it ever slip your mind that this is your big chance and the only way to get there is if you know where you’re going and how you are going to get there.

This video should give you a better idea of what we are talking about.